Demo Screencast of Facebook Email Newsletters with Mailchimp Integration

Chimp Commander Demo Video

Have you ever wanted to create an email newsletter but got stuck staring at a blank screen? Chimp Commander allows you to take your (or any) Facebook posts and events and automatically create a beautiful email newsletter from them in just three easy steps:

  1. Enter one of more Facebook page names, like “CNN” or if you want to enter more than one page, comma separate them like “CNN, BBCNews, Foxnews”
  2. Chimp Commander will automatically pull all the posts from each of your pages. You can filter the posts based on text or even sort based on popularity and engagement. Select the posts you’d like added to your newsletter and click “Import”.
  3. Your newsletter is automatically created, complete with a beautiful header. Add your own imrages or articles by dragging in a content block from our easy-to-use block building editor. You can rearrange the order, highlight featured images and when you’re done, just export the HTML or even connect directly to Mailchimp to save, schedule or send your campaign! All in one click.

Watch the demo above to see how easy it is!

Try it now:

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