Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Mailchimp reporting be viewable in Chimp Commander?
Yes,  delivery, send and open data is available if you created a Chimp Commander campaign and later saved or sent it through Mailchimp.

Is there a limit to how many posts I can insert into a newsletter?
Add as many posts as you’d like. Keep in mind that if you make your email too long, it could affect deliverability rates. Facebook’s API has a limit on the number of posts it will return, so there’s a practical limit, but not one imposed by Chimp Commander.

Can I combine posts from more than one Facebook page?
Yes! It’s easy to create your own aggregated newsletter, just comma separate your favorite public Facebook pages.

Can I automate my newsletter to automatically be created for me?
If you have a Premium level account, the automation feature enables you to automatically create and send newsletters on a schedule. For instance, if you want Chimp Commander to create and send a newsletter of your most popular or 15 most recent posts this week at 4pm on Friday’s, no problem.

How do I filter the Facebook posts when choosing posts to be imported into my newsletter?
Using the FILTER feature, which will allow you to only return posts that have the matching text in them. For instance, if you hashtag your posts with #hotnews, and enter “#hotnews” in the Filter box, only posts containing #hotnews will appear.

Do I need  a Mailchimp account to use Chimp Commander or can I use another provider?
A Mailchimp account is not necessary but if you have one, you get the added convenience of saving, scheduling or even sending newsletters through Mailchimp directly from Chimp Commander.

When using another provider, just export your newsletter to Raw HTML and import/paste into your system. There’s nothing Mailchimp specific about our code or email design. Mailchimp customers automatically have unsubscribe merge tags added, but only if they’re saved directly to a connected Mailchimp account.

Chimp Commander works equally well with any platform, as there’s nothing Mailchimp specific preventing you from using another system like Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor or the like.

How much does it cost?
Chimp Commander starts at $15/month, no contracts, cancel at any time. We have annual payment options that bring down the cost by 33%! See more pricing info here.

When saving an email in Chimp Commander, will it also be saved in my Mailchimp account?
You can choose to save an email newsletter locally in Chimp Commander. Once you connect your Mailchimp account, you can save it there as well.

What about Design?

How do I add images to my Chimp Commander newsletter?

1. In the Email Editor, drag and drop the image block to the desired location. Enter the URL of the hosted image, configure alignment and size as necessary. Use images from your Mailchimp Image library or any other Web accessible image host.

2. The Text Block allows you to use any combination of images and text. Just use the Insert: Image menu option shown below

Can I customize and edit a post’s content after importing it into a newsletter?
Yes, just click anywhere there’s text and you’ll get our editor. Add your own text, images and more.

Can I customize the look and feel of my newsletter?

1. Use the built-in Block Builder to add headlines, text, images and HTML to your newsletter. Add new blocks and content, rearrange and customize to your liking.

2. Use Custom CSS to further customize the look of your email using the Page Settings: Custom CSS option. Code added here will be inserted in the <STYLE> tag of your email.

3. You can also use the Convert to Raw HTML link, which will convert the blocks to HTML allowing you to modify the source. Once you convert your newsletter to HTML, you will not be able to go back to make edits through the block builder. Alternately, you may also save the newsletter to Mailchimp, and edit the raw HTML there.

Will the newsletter be responsive and compatible with different email programs?
Yes, Chimp Commander newsletters are fully responsive and mobile compatible. Layouts are optimized so they always look good whether your customers are on an iPhone or a Surface Book.

For added peace-of-mind, we provide 3rd party screenshots, a preview email button and a send test feature so you will always know what your email will look like before you send it!

Future Features

Can I save custom sections that I want to use again for future mailings?
We are planning to introduce custom template blocks in an upcoming version of Chimp Commander.

Can I send my newsletter from the Chimp Commander platform?
You will need to use your own email service provider to deliver your Chimp Commander email newsletters. We are currently integrated with Mailchimp and plan on future integrations with other popular providers like Constant Contact, Campaigner Pro or AWeber.